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We are a Family (Husband, Wife amd our children) of dog owners of American Bullies who show in the ABKC sanctioned shows. We also host shows from time to time.

What started southern blue bullies?


Our love for the breed drove us north from Miami to port st. lucie. In Miami Pitbulls are banned, and therefore we were not able to own one. Once we moved up to port st lucie we knew what pet we wanted. We immediately began looking for the perfect pitbull for our boys to grow up with. Although this did not alone start Southern Blue Bullies It was the foundation . We then came across the new breed American Bully.


Since then our love for the breed has grown. We purchased Alize, and then Hemi. When we decided that we would purchase Hennessy, the very same day we received a call that hemi's dad was being sold.When we found out Hemi's dad Comanche was up for sale we quickly jumped on the oppurtunity and are now the proud owners of 'PR' BLUE COMANCHE . Since Then we have added Blue Skyy to our family she is the daughter of our Blue Comanche a 1/2 sister to Our Hemi Amaretto,


When we purchased Blue Comanche we Knew that we wanted to do more with him . We thought comanche had so much potential and decided we would Try to get his name out there in a positive way. We worked on getting Comanche to where he is today for about a year & we are now proudly showing him in ABKC shows. Owning Blue Comanche & wanting to get him out there & well known is what truly started SOUTHERN BLUE BULLIES. He is our foundation Male & we will continue to work on getting him well known. You can find Comanche on the legacy page of Gottyline Pits.


We Pride ourselves in our dogs and spend countless hours interacting with them, with our boys in hopes that they will have a love for the breed, and the puppies of children. Our intentions are to champion out our dogs in the ABKC show ring..We welcome all your questions so please make sure to email us any questions you may have.


What We feed our Dogs...

We proudly feed our dogs a mix of Taste of the wild , 32 % Protein 18% Crude Fat , and Nutro Ultra Large breed .In addition the adults receive Raw chicken 3 times a week. They also get a raw egg every morning..

Puppies available for purchase are on Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy food. 32% Protein & 15% crude Fat. Holistic Dog food.

In addition to their food all of our dogs ,Pregnant & Nursing Females, As well as our puppies are given Daily Nuvet Plus Vitamins. These Vitamins Have made a huge difference in our dogs energy, coats, and helped improve any issues with Allergies they may have had. We have seen the difference this product has made in our own dogs & strongly recommend you continue to use this product once you take your puppy home. For more information on Nuvet Plus please click here or give them a call at


Nuvet is not available in stores.

We strongly support Nuvet.

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