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Questions? Give us a call at 772-626-3825
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1. How much do you sell your puppies for?


Each litter is priced differently and each puppy may be priced differently , prices will be listed for each litter. You may contact us for specific prices . We only have a limited amount of litters


2.How Much of a deposit do you require to hold a puppy? When is the balance due?



A $200-$500(depending on the litter) deposit is required to hold your puppy. For specific deposit amounts check on the puppy page just above the litter you are interested in. The deposit is put toward the total cost of the puppy. You can pay the deposit with paypal (a 3% fee charged by payal will be added to any amount sent thru paypal), postal money order The balance is due before 8 weeks of age . We will not ship any puppy until the balance is paid in full. If you are unable to pay for the puppy by the date listed on the contract your pick will be resold. You will forfit your deposit , if you do not contact us before that date to arrange payment or transfer your deposit to an upcoming litter.. If you choose to have your deposit transffered to a different litter you will be required to pay that pup in full before it is 6 weeks of age. NO EXCEPTIONS! DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE! PLEASE READ YOUR CONTRACT AND BE AWARE OF THE DATE THAT IS LISTED!


We do not usually Take deposits on any litter before it is born. We do take names of anyone interested in the litter and email/call them once the puppies are born. At which time they may decide to place a deposit to secure their pick/Puppy.


3. Im interested in a few of your puppies, can i stop by and see them in person?


We welcome anyone interested in purchasing one of our puppies/Dogs to give us a call at 772-626-3825 to set up a day and time to come by and visit with us & our dogs. We will be happy to set aside some time from our day to answer any questions you may have & let you interact with the puppies.


4.What payment methods do you accept?


Our preferred method of payment for deposits is Via Paypal. A secure checkout that allows you to use A visa, mastercard, American Express,Discover, as well as a bank account to send Payment via a secure server. You do not need to have a paypal account to checkout using their shopping cart. You can check out just as you would on any other shopping cart. If you need assistance with sending payment using paypal please call us at 772-626-3825 and we will be happy to walk you thru the process.










Southern Blue Bullies


PO BOX 881285


Port St. Lucie FL 34988


If you will be coming in person to see a puppy you may also pay for your puppy with cash. Please do not send cash thru the mail.




5. I'm trying to check out with my credit card, but the PayPal shopping cart keeps rejecting my card number. What should I do?





A: It's difficult for us to determine why your credit card is not being accepted. Paypal will not discuss any specific information on your account for security reasons


Simple solutions may be:





1. You're keying in a different address than the billing address of your credit card (PayPal cannot verify your credit card and will reject it if the address you enter during the check out process doesn't match your card's billing address.) We are happy to ship to a different address, just write it in the "Special Instructions" text box later in the check out process.


2. You may be unaware that the credit card you're using is already registered with PayPal under a different name, such as a spouse. It is a safety issue that PayPal can only accept one name and address per credit card number.


In any case, a problem with a credit card is definitely a PayPal question and must be answered by them. 








PayPal has excellent customer service and will be happy to walk you through the check out procedure. Just call their toll-free number for assistance: 1-888-221-1161






6. If i change my mind can i have a refund of the deposit amount? Is there a time frame to cancel?


Deposits are Non refundable but may be transfered to a different puppy, or a puppy from another litter. There is no time limit for the transfer, however if you decide you no longer want the puppy please let us know as someone else may want to purchase him/her.


7. I live in another state, will you ship the puppy to us?


Yes we will gladly ship you your puppy via airline. Once the puppy is 8 weeks old, fully weaned and has seen a vet prior to being shipped we can ship him/ her for $300 extra this includes kennel, health certificate, and shipping fees. Please let us know beforehand that you wish to have your puppy shipped .



We also now offer Shipping Via ground. A staffed properly ventilated climate controlled vehicle will transport your puppy to most states. The fee for this ranges on the distance, From $300-$650. This is a great option for anyone who is not comfortable having their puppy shipped the traditional way. For additional information please email us at .



8. I live an hour away can i come pick him/her up?


Yes we will gladly allow you to pick up your puppy. Simply let us know ahead of time and we will be glad to work out a pickup day & time with you.


9. Is there a contract to sign? Health Guarantee?


All customers are required to sign a contract at the time of deposit & by placing a deposit they agree to the terms & conditions listed in the contract. We will email/fax/mail a copy of the contract to the buyer, which he/she should sign & send back to us at the time of deposit & should be on file before the puppy is picked up/ shipped. We will make a copy for the buyers records. On the contract it will explain the guarantee & exclusions. Please see our contract or guarantee page for more information.


10. Do you Offer Stud Services?


We do Offer stud service during certain times of the year, to approved females only. The price varies depending on which stud you would like to use . We may take puppy back if we approve the Dam & her pedigree beforehand. In order to use our stud services we would like to meet/Speak with the owner of the dam well in advance of the breeding . We ask that you send us the dam's Pedigree info including photos to our email once we approve the female we will send you a copy of our Stud Contract which we require to be on file prior to breeding, we also require a cetificate of Vaccines to date & a negative Brucellosis test done no sooner then 10 days prior to mating. Your Vet will be able to administer the test & provide you with a signed certificate stating the negative test result and date of test.


Our males are all Tri Registered PR UKC, ADBA, AND ABKC . For more information on our stud services please contact us at 772-626-3825. We are now able to offer Cooled Semen shipments. Make sure to ask about this service ahead of time.


11. What Do you Feed your Dogs?


We feed our dogs a mix of Taste of the wild & Nutro Ultra Large breed . The adults also get raw chicken breast 3 times a week. In addition to that they get raw egg every morning.


Our puppies available for purchase are eating Nutro Ultra Large breed puppy formula.


All of our dogs, puppies, Pregnant & nursing females are on Nuvet Plus Daily vitamins. This helps keep them healthy.




If you don't see the answer you are looking for above please give us a call at 772-626-3825 or email us at & we will be happy to speak with you.

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