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Questions? Give us a call at 772-626-3825
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 Our Male Blue Comanche was produced by Ed Shephard. As well As gottikah. US Bully registry .


United Kennel Club - UKC Dog registry club. All of our dogs and puppies are UKC registered.


American Dog Breeder Association - Our Males, and most of our females are registered with ADBA.


American Bully Kennel Club- We now have all of our dogs registered with ABKC. We actively show in the ABKC show ring.

Nuvet- Daily Multivitamins we use here at SBB. All of our Dogs, Puppies, Pregnant & Nursing Females are on Nuvet Plus daily Vitamins. We encourage all our customers to continue to use Nuvet Plus to help keep their dogs healthy. Click on the link above to find out more about Nuvet Plus & how to order your 30 day supply with Money Back Guarantee . We highly recommend our vet . We have been taking our puppies to Dr. Jeyapaul for about 2 years now. He is Very affordable, and easy to work with. We highly Recommend him to any of our customers looking for a vet in the south florida area.


Eukanuba Puppy Guide -. Click on the link for information on Puppy care, Feeding guides, Training & tons of helpful information.



Green Rhino Power - Looking for A great product to put weight on your bully? Check out green Rhino Power formula and they Also have a great maintenance formula to maintain weight once you've acheived your goal for your bully. - We get all our gear from Realcollars Benito and Vanessa are easy to work with. Benito has taken our design and put it on a collar . Very durable , quality collars and leashes. Check out their easy to view gallery of collars to help you find the right collar for your dog.  If you are looking for an alternative to Commercial Dog food without the hassle of raw foods this is a great option. We include this in our "logs" to provide our dogs with nutritional varieties they wouldnt normally eat otherwise.

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