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We will gladly ship your pet to you via airline for a fee of Approximately $300 for a puppy. This includes the carrier, Health certificate & Flight fees. Adults for sale, or older puppies can be shipped, however depending on weight price may be slightly higher contact us for a shipping quote on older puppies & adults.We follow all usda regulations for pet air travel & will not ship your pet if we or the airline feel the temperature is too hot or too cold for the puppy in either area. If them temperature is too hot or too cold, we may still be able to ship via staffed climate controlled vehicle. See below for more information.

All puppies are required to be atleast 8 weeks old in order to ship and must be fully weaned.They ship in a marked kennel such as this one approved by Airlines .

Your actual Kennel may vary slightly but will be similar. We will call you a week in advance in order to tell you the puppy is ready to be shipped & make arrangements that best suit your needs to ship the puppy to you. We cannot guarantee a specific day or time as airlines may deny shipping the puppy. Once we agree on a rough arrival estimate we will call the airline & try our best to fit it into your schedule .

Once we have a confirmation day & time we will call you and let you know when you can expect your new puppy, and email you tracking information. We highly recommend that you be prepared before hand with the necessary items you will need for your puppy before he/she turns 8 weeks old . We will email you the week prior to the puppies arrival with information on the type of food they are eating , how to order their vitamins, etc. we will also supply you with samples.



Shipping by ground Via Staffed vehicles that are properly ventilated and climate controlled for comfort and your pet is always personally attended.  Handlers stop every 4 hours to walk your pet and excercise them. . Prices vary on distance traveled they vary between $300-$600 and include transportation , Health Certificate, and food during transit. Please contact us for shipping quote via ground. May not be available to all states, or at all times.

We have been using APBC EXPRESS for all our ground shipments and are very happy with the results we have been getting. They are always easy to work with. If you are not comfortable with having your pet shipped via Airline please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to arrange shipment via ground. This is also good option when shipping in the summer when airlines refuse to ship because of the temperature.

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